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Custom Rifles

BUCKSPORT GUNSMITHS specializes in custom rifles of all types for hunting, target, tactical, match and service rifle competitions like those here that we've built for our customers.  We are particularly proud of our custom AR 15s, and M1 Garand, and M1A Service Rifles. 


We use first quality parts from such sources as Armalite,  Brownells, Colt, CZ, Dakota, Douglas, Hart, Kreiger, LRB, Montana, Remington, Rock River, Shilen, Stag, Sun Devil and Winchester  to  build your custom rifle.  And, we use USGI or Milspec parts to assemble our service rifles.  

We now have the machine tools required to
turn your Mauser 98 or Enfield 17 action into a custom sporter.

We will also be offering complete custom lightweight mountain rifles, heavy caliber "stoppers," or sub MOA service rifles, built with the superior reliability, accuracy, style, fit and finish that you'll be very happy with. 

Right now we're working on a Dakota 76 Safari carbine in .375 H&H and a Remington 700 bull barrel target rifle in .300 Winchester Magnum pictured below.  Turkish and American Walnuts, Ebony and first quality parts from suppliers such as Holland, New England Custom Guns, Remington, Shilen, and Williams Firearms are being used in these custom builds. 

All of BUCKSPORT GUNSMITHS' parts, services, and firearms are guaranteed.


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